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About CrossFit Exhilarate
CrossFit Exhilarate is located at 525 West Street South in Orillia.

We are the largest CrossFit gym in Orillia, boasting 3000sq/ft of floor space, as well as 2 huge mezzanines to be able to offer a huge variety of classes.

It has continued to grow and is widly raved about for its fantastic programming, coaching and classes. Just some of our offerings include Boot Camps, Women's KickFit, Mixed Martial Arts and of course CrossFit.

Our foundation on CrossFit is has allowed us to continuously give a fun way of achieving fitness for everyone. The fundamental movements performed at high intensity in constantly varied situations is an ideology that was developed by Greg Glassman and evolved to become CrossFit.
The reason it has become so widely known and adapted everywhere is because it works!

The passion and love for helping people and fitness by Cody and the other trainers can be felt after your first session. We are here to make you better, and push you to your very best, all the while respecting and understanding everyone has their own growth speeds.  Our expertise will be able to recognize when you're struggling, and how to correct it in a friendly and fun manner!

A gym is made by its members, and I am proud to be surrounded by the very best! Fitness takes a lot of dedication and support, and we have strong willed members that are here to lift you up. We check our egos at the door, and don't accept any of the bullshit within the confides of the workout! Our community is active in being inclusive and stems from a likeness in our love for working out, and pushing and supporting each other.

We are much more than just a gym - WE'RE A TEAM.

Do you want to be apart of our amazing team? Come try us out today!
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